Per la legge del contrappasso una persona disabile come me, non può che idealmente pensare al movimento ed all'estrema velocità.
E' logico che sussiste anche uno sviscerato amore per la "testarossa".

Longed -for love- object
thrilling dream
of thinly happy days.
The hot passion for you possession
mounts in me vanity.
How you unleash
wild longings to wing away,
with your bright red and silver sheen.
Your hot metal heart
beats in time with ours,
setting snares of pain
in the tigh-fisted gifts of destiny.

The engine’s powerful noise
rises continuous
on the tarred, rain-swept road,
runs round the ambushed bend.
In its impetuous charge
laughingly defies
the secret lure of idiotic death.
To thee we commit our souls
that lonely weep,
tremble, take fire, or laugh in drunken scorn
at our so hard-fought fate.

Siena, 12 July 1997

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